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MAS BioEnergy Fellows Take on DC!

The MAS BioEnergy second cohort travelled to Washington, DC to meet up with representatives on Capitol Hill, federal agency executives and scientists, and energy NGO's from Febrary 28 thru March 3, 2011. A key component of the MAS BioEnergy program is forthe participants to develop an understanding of the interface between policy and technology, and its impact of policy on research, development, and implementation of bioenergy technology and products. Specific goals for this policy immersion week are:

• Learn about the policy-making process

• Learn which individuals and organizations influence bioenergy policy

• Understand the goals and perspectives of the individuals and organizations influencing bioenergy policy

• Learn how policy-makers form their views on bioenergy and other technical topics

Some meeting highlights included:
Congressional Research Services - learned about their roles in compliling and providing information relative to bioenergy research and topics to Congress. This highly-educated group of scientists serve as liasions for the policy/technology interface to produce critical scientific information for Congress to use in the policy-making process.

Visited with executive director of the Algal Biomass Organization, Mary Rosenthal, about the importance of lobbying on the hill about algal biofuel resesearch

Visited Senator Mark Udall's office to discuss energy opportunities and importance in Colorado

Met with AAAS legislative fellows for Senator Mark Udall and the Senate Energy Committee - highlight of the trip! Found out what it is really like to be a scientist immersed in the political world. Encouraged our scientists that very-knowedgeable scientists are present to help inform policy-makers about the current energy science and possibilities. We can envision some of our fellows move towards this role after their doctorate work.

Visited the EPA headquarters and met with econmomists and environmental specialists about the RFS2 mandate as well as some of the more current transportation standards incorporating biofuel materials.

Visited the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy including meetings with chief science officer, Sam Baldwin, and the Technology Managers of the Biomass Program. The interactions between students and scientists were invigorating and enthusiastic as both groups shared ideas about new tehcnologies and explained some of the current DOE approaches within the current political environment.

Visited with the the USDA Senior Bioenergy Advisor, Donna Perla and the USDA National Program Leader of the Biomass program to discuss the new approaches of the USDA to bioenergy research especially agricultural techniques and the expansion of the Biomass Program that partners with academic and agency groups.

Most importantly, we had tons of fun in the capitol exploring new restaurants, seeing the sites, and becoming even closer as a group.

MASB cohort 2 having funCapitol

New Bioenergy Technology course begins

The pilot edition of the first of the two new MAS BioEnergy courses, Bioenergy Technology, has begun! The goal of the course is to teach the MAS BioEnergy Scholars about the science and engineering aspects of bioenergy production, from photosynthesis to fuel characterization. Each topic is presented in a lecture/discussion format and is accompanied by a hands-on laboratory experience. The Scholars are enjoying the chance to step outside of their disciplines -- an economist extracting DNA? A mechanical engineer conducting a cellulase assay! -– and the class discussions have been stimulating for the instructors and students. The course also includes introductions to life cycle assessment, policy, and economics, which will be covered in greater depth in the second new bioenergy course.

MAS BioEnergy

MAS BioEnergy
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