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The NSF IGERT Program in Multidisciplinary Approaches to Sustainable Bioenergy (MAS BioEnergy) is designed to prepare PhD graduates who are trained as interdisciplinary scientists with a full understanding of the technical challenges facing the emerging bioenergy industry.

This is a comprehensive training program that incorporates cross-disciplinary teamwork, courses in multiple disciplines and research projects that span at least two focus areas. Correspondence is sought from all current and prospective graduate students in any areas of science, mathematics, engineering, policy and economics.

Please send a letter of interest to the Program Coordinator at:

Partnership with CSU-Pueblo!
In collaboration with a CSU-Fort Collins professor, in a topic related to bioenergy, students at CSU-Pueblo can undertake a MS degree in Applied Natural Science. Students will receive a stipend and payment of tuition and fees. Students will attend a four-week research period at CSU-Fort Collins each summer and interact with other students and faculty from the program. Opportunities will be available to travel to conferences and present the results of your research. At the completion of the MS degree students have transitioned to the MAS BioEnergy PhD program at CSU-Fort Collins.

MAS BioEnergy
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