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Product Engineering

The issue of biofuels utilization will become more complex due to the development of new feed stocks (new fuel crops, algae), new processing techniques (thermal, catalytic, plasma), new engine systems (common rail fuel injection, variable valve systems), new after-treatment systems (NOx traps, SCR systems) and new control technologies (neural networks, reinforcement learning). The long-term goal of research in this area is the development of new techniques to allow adaptive utilization of diverse fuels in internal combustion engines.

Integration with other focus areas
It is expected that students will engage in multidisciplinary research to understand the relationship between fuel production, fuel processing, and fuel utilization. This includes relationships to areas such as new crops and processes for oil production, and new processes for extraction and conversion of the oil to biodiesel: studies of how will these modified biodiesels perform in engines are critical, as is a molecular-level understanding of the factors involved.

MAS BioEnergy
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